MissionsThe members of Faith Immanuel Church believe that we are called to minister to God’s children throughout the world. Our missions programs encompass a wide range of activities including funding for various charities, missionary work, and volunteer work in our community. For more details, see our Missions Book.

As Christians, we follow Christ’s example of feeding the hungry and helping the needy. Faith Immanuel Church is one of the participating churches in the Downtown Daily Bread program that provides hot meals, as well as used clothing and other basic necessities for those in need in central Harrisburg. Our volunteers serve about 2,000 meals each year, while the church budget provides financial support for the program.

Faith Immanuel Church also directly supports foreign mission efforts. Amy Azar is currently teaching English and sharing the Gospel in Austria. In addition, Faith Immanuel Church supports the Comprehensive Development Project (CODEP), helping the people of rural Haiti to become self-sufficient. The largest single portion of our mission budget goes to the worldwide mission work of the Presbyterian Church, USA , which provides disaster relief, development assistance, and missionary support throughout the world.

The church also supports the work of Delta Community, Bethesda Mission, Teen Challenge, Habitat for Humanity and other local charities.